30.10.2022   Projects - Children's Leagues

The youth gave a red card to hate speech and said loudly: Block the hatred. Share the love

The Children's League of FFM, dedicated to the fight against hate speech in sports!

21.03.2022   Projects - Children's Leagues

The project "Football in schools" continues with sports activities for children

The Football Federation of Macedonia in cooperation with FUSM (Federation of School Sports in Macedonia), realizes a project for school football through several primary schools throughout Macedonia.

24.05.2017   Projects - Children's Leagues

The Super Cup Trophy with the youngest ones - PHOTO

Teams from all over Macedonia that play for their place in the final tournament in the FFM Children's Leagues had a chance to take a photo with the UEFA Super Cup Trophy today, before they play their last games for the season.

18.03.2017   Projects - Children's Leagues

Photo:The youngest ones with the UEFA Super Cup Trophy - Today they take photos and they dream to win the trophy

One of the most important European Trophies that will go in the hands of the UEFA Super Cup Winners is in the Football Federation of Macedonia. Skopje and the National Arena will host the game between the winners of UCL and UEL on 8 August, 2017.

A National Team