Vardar defeated Skopje and secured a place in the First MFL

Published on 21 Мај, 2023 in News

Vardar will play in the First MFL in the next competitive season. Our most trophy-winning club won the play-off match against Skopje with a convincing 3:0 for a place in the First MFL.

At the stadium in Kavadarci, Vardar deservedly rejoiced at the placement in the best competition after they beat the previous first league team, Skopje, with two goals from Razmoski and one from captain Glisic.

The first goal happened in the 4th minute after a cross by Glisic and a mix-up in the Skopje penalty area, the ball ended up with Razmoski who skilfully placed it in Efremov's net.

The negative of one goal, Skopje tried, but failed to reach it due to Todorov's red card before the end of the first half. The Skopje football player received a red card and suspension due to unsportsmanlike conduct (he threw a torch at the audience, after the Vardar fans choreographed with pyrotechnics).

In the 50th minute, 2:0 for Vardar. Razmoski defeated Efremov for the second time after receiving a ball from Desnic, and he took advantage of the bad intervention of the goalkeeper and the defense of Skopje. The final result Vardar - Skopje 3:0 was set by Darko Glisic in the 59th minute, after he was accurate after a free kick awarded for Vardar about sixteen meters from the opponent's goal.

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