Tickets for the match Italy - Macedonia for the World Cup 2022

Published on 04 Март, 2022 in Tickets, News

Supporters of the Macedonian A national team who want to support our national representation in the barrage match Italy - Macedonia in Palermo on March 24 for qualify for the World Cup 2022, from Monday (March 7, 2022), can apply to buy tickets for the match through the following email

Supporters of the Macedonian National team who are interested to buy ticket  for the match at the stadium "Renzo Barbera" in Palermo can apply for tickets until March 15, 2022.

Through an electronic announcement (name, surname and number of tickets) sent to the e-mail address, first the interested fans can apply to buy tickets (two or at most four tickets). If it is possible to be made the access to the ticket , at the same e-mail address from which the request was sent, you will receive a special access code at the following link:

The code for access and obtaining the opportunity to buy tickets for the match of the Macedonian national team is limited, in accordance with the regulations for monitoring football matches in conditions of a pandemic and the regulations for the number of tickets for guest fans.

All tickets that the Football Federation of Macedonia has the opportunity to offer for sale to Macedonian fans are in the sector of the stadium designated for guest fans. The cost of one ticket is 12. EURO.


Macedonian fans traveling to Palermo, Italy for the Italy-Macedonia match must comply with the following regulations of the Italian authorities in a pandemic.

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