The women's national team of Macedonia U17 defeated Kosovo in the second match of the qualifying tournament in Durres

Published on 21 Октомври, 2022 in News, U17

Macedonia's U17 women's national team recorded another very significant victory within the qualifying tournament held in Durrës, Albania.

In the second round of the qualifying tournament, Macedonia celebrated a narrow victory against Kosovo with 2:1.

Katerina Mileska's national team had a one-goal deficit, but they managed to make a complete turnaround and achieve a victory, with which we climbed to the first place in the group.

In the first round, we defeated the representation of Albania, the host of this tournament, with a convincing 5:2.

The representation of Kosovo started the match very well. Paci brought advantage for his team early in the 7th minute. Mitkovska first scored in the 35th minute to equalize the score, and in the 45th minute she shot for Macedonia's advantage and victory with 2:1.

On October 24, in the last round, we play against the national team of Moldova.

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