The tickets for Macedonia – Slovakia are now on sale, most of them at a price of 100 and 150 denars

Published on 03 Ноември, 2014 in Tickets

On November 18, Saturday, starting at 20:45h, we will play one of the most important games for qualifying at the EURO 2016 France. At the moment, our opponent has a top standing in our group. Slovakia has 3 wins in a row; they had a win against Spain hosting the match, and won the games against Ukraine and Belarus while visiting.

The match tickets are now on sale and the prices are: 100 denars (5827 tickets), 150 denars (4891 tickets), 200 denars (1342 tickets) 250 denars (3848 tickets) 300 denars (1514 tickets), 400 denars (3951 tickets) 500 denars (2002 tickets). The tickets will be sold online at “MK Tickets”, as well as at every points of sale throughout  Macedonia at: “One”, “Jugoton”, Universal Hall, Tobako – Dracevo, Tobako - Ohrid and Alpine - Tetovo.

Let’s all give our support to the Macedonian National Team at this very important match that has the opportunity to fulfill the wishes of all our loyal fans and all generations of football players. The Macedonian team is refreshed, is starting to get recognition and discipline at the game, and is establishing a great attacking strategy that was never before seen from our national team. The team needs to get more used to each other on the match, but the talent and potential is there. At every game we will see only our best and most focused players at the moment, who will give their best to get the best result for our team. 


07 Окт

16:00  Faroe Islands - Macedonia
    U21 EURO qualifiers

08 Окт

20:45  Liechtenstein - Macedonia
    A National Team World Cup qualifiers

11 Окт

20:45 Macedonia -  Germany
    A National Team World Cup qualifiers
A National Team