The sale of tickets for Macedonia - Bulgaria starts from Monday, September 19

Published on 16 Септември, 2022 in Tickets, News

On Monday, September 19, ticket sales will begin for the last match of the Macedonian football team from group 3 in the League of Nations against Bulgaria at the National Arena "Todor Proeski" in Skopje.

The sale of tickets for the match Macedonia - Bulgaria will be organized exclusively through the sales network of MKTickets.

Ticket sales will take place exclusively with the physical presence of the buyers. There will be no electronic (on-line) sale of tickets.

MACEDONIA - BULGARIA (National Arena "Todor Proeski", September 26)

Ticket prices:

Northern Tribune

Block 13, 14, 18, 19, 20 and 24     250 MKD

Block 21 and 23                             250 MKD

South Tribune

Block 1, 2, 5 and 6                        250 MKD

Block 3 and 4                                350 MKD

A person may purchase a maximum of four (4) tickets. In addition to his data (obligatory presentation of an identification document), the customer also enters data about other fans for whom he buys tickets.



• LiteraturaMK - City Mall

• LiteraturaMK - East Gate

• LiteraturaMK - Vero Center

• Literature - TC Bunjakovec

• LiteraturaMK - st. Macedonia

• Jugoton GTC 1

• JK Travel - TC Biser

• Makpetrol - Kozle

• Makpetrol - Ilindenska

• Makpetrol - Vlae


• Unison


• TA Bran


• Tobacco Agora


• Tobacco Monaco

• Grand Tobacco


• Tobacco Vona 5


• TA Vis Poy


• LiteraraMK

• Tobacco Brothers


• LiteratureMK

• TA Safari


• TA Halkidiki

We invite all football fans and supporters of the Macedonian national team with fair and correct cheering to help the "Lynxes" win the last match of the group in the League of Nations.

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