Promotion of the new brand of the First Macedonian Women Football League

Published on 20 Февруари, 2024 in First Women's League, News

Women' football promotion is one of the key values for improvement and promotion of the gender equality in sport. The investment in the development of the Women Football League is not only accenting the talent and the dedication of the women football players, but it also sends a powerful message of inclusion and the opportunities of women's football in total.

The Football Federation of Macedonia and the Women's Football Committee are presenting the new brand and recognition of the First Macedonian Women's Football League today in the House of Football.

With the effective league branding we can inspire more girls to take part in football, and by building a strong brand for the elite women's football competition we will ensure better visibility of women's football, we will improve the awareness and we will help the players, clubs and all involved to feel proud to be part of such competition.

This dynamic brand is reflecting the values of women's football: Inspiration, Empowerment, Courage, Leadership, Equality and Pride 

It has a design that is consistent across the FFM brand family, easy to remember and reproduce. The new brand of the First Macedonian Women's Football League also reflects 

OUR VISION: To make football number one sport for women and girls in Macedonia;

OUR MISSION: To provide opportunities and innovation so that every girl and women can enjoy, develop and achieve results.

"Football Federation of Macedonia published the first ever Women's Football Strategy in 2021. The first pillar of the strategy is Visibility and Perception. We conducted extensive research in the process of preparation of the strategy and we discovered that women's football in Macedonia is in need of better recognition and visibility, in all of it's segments, such as the leagues and the National teams, starting from youngest age, up to the elite adults. 

This project for Branding of the First Macedonian Women's Football League is dedicated precisely to the improvement of the visibility and recognition of the competition that develops each year. We sincerely hope that this first step will contribute to better popularization and development of women competitions in the future, stated the Vice President of FFM and Chairman of the women's Football Committee, Lazar Rakidziev. 

The project implementation on it's first phase is comprised of production of branding materials for the stadiums of the First Women's League and production and broadcast of derby matches from each round of the competition. 

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