Macedonia under 16 achieved a convincing victory over Kosovo

Published on 26 Март, 2023 in News, U17

The young national team of Macedonia under 16 managed to celebrate a convincing victory with 5:1 in a control duel against Kosovo within the framework of the UEFA development tournament.

The selected team of coach Dashmir Beari played a phenomenal match at the Albena stadium, completely outplayed their opponent and deservedly rejoiced at a convincing victory.

Edin Etoski opened the scoring in today's meeting in the 43rd minute. At the very start of the second half, Admi Latifi managed to shake the opponent's goal and increase our advantage. Two minutes were enough for Macedonia to score another goal, the third in Kosovo's net. Edin Etoski found himself in the right place and beat the opponent's goalkeeper, scoring his second goal in today's match. Captain Stefan Mladenovski scored the fourth goal for us in the 77th minute. A minute later, the same player scored for Macedonia's convincing advantage of 5:0.

By the end of the match, Kosovo only managed to soften Macedonia's triumph, for a final score of 5:1.

Macedonia: David Iloski, Hisar Ali, Christian Gjorgievski, Gorjan Gruevski, Artan Ismaili, Marko Kish, Stefan Mladenovski, Albion Musliu, Igor Ristov, Emir Sabotic, Berkaj Shaini;

Head coach: Dashmir Beary;

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