Macedonia U21: Control match against Latvia: Viktor Krstevski: We are attacking for victory in tomorrow's match

Published on 22 Март, 2023 in News, U21

Today in the afternoon, at the training center of the "Bellis Deluxe Hotel" in Belek, the young Macedonian national team made the final preparations before tomorrow's control duel against the representation of Latvia.

The control match against the excellent representation of Latvia will be the first of the three scheduled meetings in Antalya, Turkey as part of the preparations for the upcoming qualifiers that begin for us in September.

The excellent football player from the defense of our young national team, Viktor Krstevski, is expecting an offensive game for Macedonia in tomorrow's game, which will attack for victory.

"We are in excellent physical condition. Almost all football players are at the disposal of the coach. We had excellent preparations in the previous days, we are looking forward to tomorrow's match against Latvia.

"We will use the training and control matches in Antalya in the best possible way to improve and correct ourselves in certain segments of the game, all in order to be as well prepared and in good shape for the start of the qualifiers.

"We have excellent working conditions, there is an excellent positive energy between us footballers, we listen to the instructions of our coach, we train hard and with determination, I believe that only with this approach we can achieve something great."

"For tomorrow's match against Latvia, I expect a great fight and sacrifice from our side. The goal is clear, and that is victory. We want to prove once again that this generation has a winning mentality."

In addition to the match with Latvia, our young footballers will also play against Finland (March 25) and Slovakia (March 28) this control period.

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