Macedonia U21 continues with preparations. Hamza Ramani: Victory over Armenia and Malta to boost confidence before the start of the qualifiers

Published on 13 Јуни, 2023 in News, U21

The national team of Macedonia under the age of 21 continues with the preparations for the control matches against the respective selections of Armenia and Malta.

The control matches against Armenia and Malta will be the last test for the selections of the head coach Dragi Kanatlarovski before the start of the qualifiers for the European Championship.

The quality midfielder of the young Macedonian national team, Hamza Ramani, gave his opinion and analysis for the upcoming control matches, as well as for the qualifications themselves, which begin in September.

- From the control matches with Armenia and Malta, I expect us to play with quality, fight and achieve a positive result, which will give us additional motivation and self-confidence before the start of the qualifiers in September.

- I am looking forward to the start of the qualifications. I hope that we will manage to play good qualifications and achieve a good ranking. We want to repeat the success of the generation that qualified for European 2017. We have to be as focused as possible on the pitch, fight for every ball, simply do our best. This is the only way we can hope for a positive result and excellent qualifications.

- I have a fantastic relationship with everyone in the national team, from the players to the coach and the professional team. There is understanding and cooperation between us players and the professional staff, there is an excellent atmosphere in the national team, which is very important and crucial in the fight for a high ranking.

- We have quality and determination, but we will have to show it on the field in the upcoming matches. I hope that with the good games, in the future, I and my teammates will be able to be part of the A national team of Macedonia.

On June 15, starting at 5 p.m., the young Macedonian national team will play the first control match against the corresponding selection of Armenia. Five days later, the second control duel is on the schedule, at the same time (5:00 p.m.) against the Maltese national team. Both matches will be played at the "Petar Milosevski" training center in Skopje.

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