Macedonia U15 played two control matches against Albania in Ohrid and Elbasan

Published on 09 Јуни, 2023 in News, U17

On June 7 and 9, the youth national team of Macedonia under 15 played two control matches against the corresponding selection of Albania. Both national teams won one victory each

The first control duel, the two selections played in Ohrid, where the team of the head coach Dragan Načevski were in the negative by one goal after the first half, they finally managed to achieve a victory with 3:2.

Gjandjarovski played a great game and managed to get into the scorers' list twice. Mammootty hit for a narrow win.

The second control match between these two selections was played in Elbasan. The Albanian national team won 3:2.

Gjandjarovski was also the scorer of the goal in this match, from a penalty. Islamovic scored the second goal for Macedonia.

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