Anti-Doping Education 2021/22

Published on 30 Јуни, 2022 in News

The Football Federation of Macedonia is fully committed to promoting clean sport, doping-free football, for all athletes participating in their competition.

In that regard, FFM participates in UEFA anti-doping education for athletes participating in UEFA competitions, athlete support staff (doctors and coaches).

The aim is to ensure that every player who participates in FFM and UEFA competitions will receive an education.

In 2021/22 we conducted an educational session for national teams: U-21, U-19, U-17, U-15 men and women A representation, U-19, U-17, U-15, representative doctors and club doctors from first and second Macedonian league, coaches who work with young football players.

Lecturer, Dr. Ilija Stoilov, member of the Committee for Medicine and Anti-Doping of the FFM, "We did the lectures with a power point presentation, practical examples, interactive discussion. At the end of the sessions, we gave the attendees an answer to the WADA quiz question. The answers were incredibly accurate which means we achieved our goals of providing attendees with the necessary information on the fight against doping in sport. We are continuing with this project because it has proven to be successful in the prevention of doping in football.

The learning objectives of the education were:

- To provide players with information, guidance and support to enable them to make informed decisions about doping.

- To understand what anti-doping rules are, the concept of strict liability and what it means for them

- To know that there is a prohibited list and how to check drugs and supplements, as well as apply for a TUE if necessary

- To understand the consequences of doping - health, sanctions, etc.

- Understand test procedures to increase compliance and eliminate test anxiety

- To understand the risk points in their career and how to deal with these difficult moments

- To understand where to go and from whom to ask for help

Dr. Jonuzi Nevzat, chairman of the committee for medicine and anti-doping of the FFM

"FFM, as an institution that is fully committed to the prevention of clean sport and doping-free football for all athletes and other persons engaged during sports competitions, during this year's competitive season lectures on anti-doping education were held for all men and women's National Teams, Doctors, Physiotherapists in the First and Second Leagues and in the younger categories, coaches in the younger categories!

I, as the Chairman of the Committee for Medicine and Anti-Doping at the FFM, express my great gratitude to the lecturer and all members engaged in the FFM for raising the awareness and responsibility of the players as well as other members engaged during the matches!

I believe that in the future we will be able to achieve the set goals of our institution and we, as a committee for medicine and anti-doping, will work professionally and responsibly.

A National Team